Elaine Fortune Designs
Statement Ensembles

Each of the three ensembles you see below were created for runway shows across America and abroad, and each took a time period of 6-8 months, depending on the piece.  What you are looking at is basically a collage of fabrics (both ethnic fabrics which I collected and repaired before using and my own hand dyes, along with commercial fabrics).  Then to add dimension and make the eyes roam, I texturized some fabrics, thread painted to bring out features, hand embroidered with silk and other decorative threads and ribbbons, hand beaded, and even came up with an original idea for a trim which I wrote and article in Threads magazine about. 

I find inspriation to create from maybe found objects (organic or inorganic), a particular fabric, or even a dream.  I do not sit and draw out a plan.  I basically let it flow and evolve.  If I were to know ahead of time what would be the result, I would never have been able to do it!  So, I guess my design process comes from somewhere within the flow of creation itself.

The names of the three you see here are:
Nowhere to Run....Nowhere to Hide"
The Beauty IN the Beast"
Eclectic Ethnicity"

I am most alive when I am in the process of being passionate. 
~Elaine Fortune 


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