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Jackets & Coats
All Jackets and Coats are one of a kind originals hand made by yours truly....Elaine Fortune.  Below are a sampling of some I have for sale and others that have sold in galleries or were commissions.

My process is the same as with my materpieces....basically collage, embroider (hand and machine), hand beading, thread painting and much more....feel free to ask questions!

Then Jacket in which I titled Carlos is named so, because in the process of its evolution I could see him wearing it.  So Carlos, if you would like to try this on its all yours!  :)

Contact Information

Feel free to contact me regarding commissions or sales on jackets, coats, vest, or any other item I can design for you....  I have done commissions based just on color choices with full creative freedom to selling pieces already made in gallery sales.  You let me know what you would like.
Don't forget to include your phone number so I can get back to you asap!
~Elaine Fortune

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