Elaine Fortune Designs
Fantasies In Fabric....the Bio

Background and Artist's Statement

Born and raised in Staten Island, NY, I started sewing my own clothes at age seven, in order something originally MINE and not one of my sisters hand-me-downs.  In 1992, after a year of dabbling in the "traditional" quilting, I started playing with quilting techniques in clothing. I worked with all types of fabric, and added surface embellishments to my designs. The “Pandora’s box” effect took hold, letting loose talents I never knew I had.  Ideas and problem solving are revealed in my dreams and appear as visions in my head at any given moment.

Creating wearable art and wall designs of my own, I began to study surface design and embellishing techniques from local artists, artists from abroad, and books with pictures!  I learned techniques such as hand felting hats, Japanese and Peruvian braiding, tassel making, off-loom woven jewelry, beading, wirework, fabric printing and dyeing, etc....   I have also come up with a few original fabric manipulations/embellishments of my own (see my articles in back of portfolio and list of publications)

My love and respect of animals, nature, color, and texture inspires my work. As I have grown artistically, my choice of colors and use of ethnic textiles, has contributed to my style evolving into a very multi-cultural and environmental appeal. I look at ethnic attire, and think of the original creators as the "wearable artists".

I like making statements with my work and often draw ideas from other art mediums, still considering myself a "Fiber artist", and not different from original designers of ethnic “Folk wear”; aka, regional fashion in history. Working with ethnic textiles instills great respect for their original makers.   We all love to look our best and “shine” in this journey of life and I aim to help with my designs!

I also create framed textile collage, painted furniture, and body paintings (with much the same style and flamboyance) for interior design.   My designs are created to invoke some inner perspective, different in each of us, and bring joy into the eye of the beholder in any way possible.…



“Being bold and expressive, free-spirited, flamboyant, eccentric, humorous, and oh so passionate, is the way to live and love….why we are here!”   Take your lead from nature itself.  
~Elaine Fortune